Editorial Board meeting of Cancer (Cytopathology) in Atlanta, Georgia. Left to Right: Dan Nadolny, Gladwyn Leiman, Celeste Powers, Martha Pitman, and Terry Colgan (March, 2015).
Enjoying dinner with Dr. Walley Temple of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer at the College of American Pathologists’ Meeting in San Diego, California (September 2012).
A visit with Dr. Subrata Chakrabarti to Dr. Banting’s memorial in London, Ontario, after a day of lectures and discussions at the University of Western Ontario.
The Mount Sinai Hospital clinical fellows of 2011-2012, and the GI pathology team pause for a portrait during a sign-out session.
Dining with the faculty and staff of the ASCCP’s Comprehensive Colposcopy Course. Ms. Beth Huff (far left) and Dr. Barbara Apgar (center left) were the course co-directors. Providence, Rhode Island (April 2012).
Enjoying dinner with Dr. Tom Julian, Editor of the Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease, and Dr. Teresa Darragh, incoming ASCCP President, at the Biennial Meeting of the ASCCP, San Francisco, California (March 2012).
An exceptional and insightful mentor in pathology and Curriculum development, Dr. Eric Glassy and his wife, Chris, at his final Curriculum Committee Meeting, Chicago, Illinois (December 2011).
Working with Dr. Barbara Winkler of Mount Kisco Medical Group, at the Cervical Cancer Screening & Prevention: The Role of Molecular Testing Symposium, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland (November 2011).
Saying “goodbye” to the American Society of Cytopathology staff, Baltimore, Maryland (November 2011).
Enjoying a banquet dinner with Dr. Martin Bullock of Dalhousie University, Guest Faculty, at the 74th Annual Meeting of the Ontario Association of Pathologists, Deerhurst, Ontario (October 2011).
With Dr. Dean Daya (left) and Dr. Sona Sihra (right) at the Annual Meeting of the Alberta Society of Pathologists in Banff, Alberta (August 2011).
Enjoying the annual face-to-face Editorial Board Meeting of Cancer (Cytopathology), at the American Cancer Society, Atlanta Georgia (May 2011).
With Eric Glassy, Chair of the College of American Pathologists’ (CAP) Curriculum Committee (left) and Loretta Morrison, CAP staff (right); set for a magical evening at Hollywood’s "The Magic Castle" (April 2011).
With other House Delegates, including Dr. Barb Crothers, at the 2011 Spring Meeting of the College of American Pathologists, San Antonio, Texas.
ASCCP Faculty for Cased Base Course, New Orleans. Back row (L to R): Alan Waxman, Kathleen McIntyre-Seltman, Edward Mayeaux, Terry Colgan, David Weismiller. Front row: Nancy Berman, Stewart Massad and Charles Dunton (Co-Directors), Beth Huff (February 2011).
With Dr. Luke Perkocha of UCSF Mount Zion Medical Center at the fall meeting of the Curriculum Committee of the College of American Pathologists, Chicago (December 2010).
Enjoying morning brunch with Dr. Dan Kurtycz, Director of Preventative Disease Section, Wisconsin State Lab of Hygience, the day following his Yvan Bedard Memorial Lecture at the Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto (November 2010).
With Dr. Michael Henry from the Mayo Clinic at the 58th annual meeting of the American Society of Cytopathology, Boston (November 2010).
With Dr. Dhun Noria, Chief of Laboratory Medicine at Scarborough Hospital, at the Ontario Association of Pathologists’ Annual Meeting, Niagara Falls (October 2010).
With Dr Bill Tench (back) and two Past-Presidents of the American Society of Cytopathology, Drs. George Birdsong and Ann Moriarty, at the United States-Canadian Academy of Pathology meeting in Washington DC (March 2010).
Discussing scientific posters at the 2010 Biennial Meeting of the American Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (ASCCP) in Las Vegas with Dr. Edward Wilkinson, Past-President of the ASCCP (March 2010).
Enjoying the President’s reception with Dr. Suhas Joshi, Past-President of the Ontario Association of Pathologists, at the 2009 meeting, Collingwood, Ontario (September 2009).
Dr. Ann Moriarty, current President of the American Society of Cytopathology.
Dr. Teresa Darragh, Professor of Clinical Pathology UCSF/Mt. Zion Medical Center, Workshop Co-Director at the College of American Pathologists’ Annual Meetings of 2007 to 2009.
The Faculty of the ASCCP’s “Case-Based Course: Beyond the Guidelines” (L to R): BC Huff MSN, (Vanderbilt U), SL Massad MD (Washington U, St. Louis), CJ Dunton MD (Jefferson Medical College), K McIntyre-Seltman MD (U of Pittsburgh), TJ Colgan MD (U of Toronto), and DG Weismiller (East Carolina U). (September 2009)
The Faculty of the USCAP’s “The role of the histopathologist in the detection of adult hereditary cancer” (L to R): Drs. R Riddell, A Mulligan, and TJ Colgan. (March 2008)
With members of the Mount Sinai Hospital Cytology Section and fellow in Cytopathology (January 2008).
Discussing Committee work with a staff member of the American Society of Cytopathology, Houston, Texas (November 2007).
With pathology residents and fellows, and visiting scholar in gynecologic pathology, Mount Sinai Hospital (July 2007).
With other Past-Presidents at the twentieth anniversary of the Society of Canadian Colposcopists, Ottawa Ontario (June 2007).
With two workshop co-directors at the US - Canadian Academy of Pathology, San Diego (March 2007).
A special College of American Pathologists’ dinner (October 2006).
H.J. Norris - My mentor in gynecologic pathology and friend (March 2004).
The Toronto Endometrial Proteomics Initiative (June 2003).